Submission Procedure

The BMIF is published twice per year. Research contributions and in depth surveys from all areas of computer science and engineering, mathematics and physics are welcome.

The submission is sent to the members of the editorial board using the web submission form. First, two reviewers will be chosen to review the paper, according to the topics selected for the paper, within a double blind peer review process. The second round of reviewing starts after the authors upload the revised version of their papers, which takes into consideration the recommendations of the reviewers. During this round, an editor makes, for each and every paper, a third review assignment to another reviewer than the first two ones. This reviewer has access to both versions of the paper (initial, last) and to the two reviews from the first round. S/he can also make her or his own recommendations to improve the paper. The second round of reviewing is repeated until the authors fulfill all the reviewing recommendations.

If we fail to find the required number of reviewers, the submission is withdrawn and the authors are free to submit their paper to another journal of their choice. The paper will be accepted for reviewing only if it is submitted together with the copyright transfer statement.

Papers should be research contributions, and will be accepted only if they contain innovative results. Short papers are acceptable with fewer innovative results than a longer paper. Research contributions can be reports of projects, if the project has resulted in sufficiently many clearly stated innovations or new results.

Short research contributions, in form of notes, with usually a single but interesting new idea, result or innovation are also accepted.

Usually longer, survey/review papers can also be accepted if they are well written and give an unbiased and complete survey/review of the topic at issue.

After the reviewing process, the authors will be notified by email.